Market Days

Market Days was such a great experience! The energy was palpable. It inspired me to create more.

Here are the top picks for today.

Bright Vida Tote

Frida Tote

Both of these totes were custom ordered so if you have an interest in these designs or others contact me at

I loved the enthusiasm my customers and colorful appetite they brought with them.

Here are some great questions people had:

Can you make any of these designs on a tote?

Yes. Just pick the design you want and I will create a mock up and an invoice.

Do you make T Shirts? Yes. Same as totes.

What influences your designs?

I appreciate a variety of styles. My main attraction is color. Color and shapes inspire me. I look at International art for palettes. Artists I are love Frida Kahlo, Claude Monet, Picasso, Manga, Disney and just anything that attracts my eye. I try to represent the life I find around me through lines and shapes. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m making I just start off with lines and those lines take me on a graphic adventure through my memory and experience. New characters pop up and new stories emerge.

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